my daughter is finding her voice right now.
she is 3 months old.
i listen to her gurgles and coos and of course her cries.
many, many cries.
her crying is upsetting to me, of course.
i'm her mama, and i want her to be happy.
and the kind of crying she's doing isn't happy crying.
but i'm also proud of her wailing.
she is expressing herself.
she is telling the world what she needs, in the only way she knows how.
she isn't doing it in a mean way.  or with an intention to hurt anyone else.

but she is doing it without apologies, without embarrassment, without tempering her feelings in order to please anyone else.
she doesn't get that from me.
but i hope i learn it from her.


  1. Lovely. Still looking forward to meeting her soon. Hugs for you both. And papa too.

    1. thank you, dear robertmanfred. the three of us send love to y'all. when you meet this girl, i predict you will make her smile and smile.

  2. I'm really in love with your positive outlook and how you make almost everything into a positive! I hope when I'm a parent (Wayyyyy in the future, considering I'm still in college), that I'll develop a similar view on parenting and life. Thanks for the inspiration and vision!!

    1. oh thank you for those kind words! i think this kid is making me feel calmer--even about things that upset me. i didn't expect that at all. i think i expected the opposite. hmmm...you've given me something to think about...thanks! hope the college life is treating you right.